At Blue Cloud Farms, we specialize in growing high quality trees and we only work with the best among specialized tree movers giving our customers a superior experience.

To get an idea of cost, you will need to know:
  • The kind of tree and size. This will give you the cost of the tree, and the size of the spade needed.
  • The distance from our farm to where you want the tree planted in order to estimate spade time needed.

Tree Price

Conifers: White Pine, Balsam Fir, Fraser Fir, Norway Spruce, or Black Hills Spruce - $20/ft.
Deciduous: Crabapples - $80/diameter inch. Maples - $100/diameter inch.

Spade Price

We have 44”, 56”, 65”, 80”, 90”, and 100” spades available. Spades most frequently used are the 44” at $80/hr. and the 80” at $120/hr.

Size Example: The 44” spade will move a 6’-8’ conifer, or a 4” maple that is 16’-20’ tall, or a 4” crabapple that would be 10’-12’ tall and 8’-10’ wide. The 80” spade will move a 16’ conifer, or an 8” maple.

Trees can be dug, moved and planted 10 miles in one hour, and 20 miles in 2 hours.

How we choose the spade

The rule of thumb for choosing the appropriate spade size is to use 10 inches of spade diameter for each inch of tree trunk diameter. This results in digging a large rootball that contains enough of the tree’s roots to give fast re-establishment to its new home.

10”/1” is the minimum we recommend for moving trees, but if you have the room and budget to use a larger spade; that is even better for the tree, as it results in more of the tree’s roots coming along during the move.

Cost Examples:
A 6’ Black Hills Spruce moved 10 miles, the tree cost is $120 (6’ X $20/ft.),
moving cost is $80(44” spade for 1 hour). Total cost $200.

A 12’ Black Hills Spruce moved 20 miles, the tree cost is $240 (12’ X $20/ft.),
moving cost is $240($120/hr. for 2 hrs.). Total cost $480.

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